We work with several medium sized growers in Chile so we will always get you the highest quality at the best prices.

In Agrowest, we strongly belive that a business oportunity must be beneficial for all the parties involved. It’s a chance for costumer and supplier to meet a price that will make both parts have profits.


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Max moisture: 5%

Variety: Chandler, Serr, Howard.

Sizes: Halves, quarters, pieces.

Types: Hand cracked, Machine cracked, inshell

Colour:Extra light, extra light/ light, light, light/ambar, ambar. colour according to the USDA standard.

Package: 10 kg cartons inside a CO2 + Nitrogen atmosphere; 25 kg bags for inshell walnuts.



Max moisture: 18%

Variety: Flame, Thompson, Black, Redglobe, Crimson, and also new varieties of raisins.

Sizes: Jumbo, medium, small

Types: Golden, natural condition, among others.

Colour: From dark to golden depending on type of raisin and variety

Package: 10 kg cartons



Max moisture: Depending on the type of prune.

Variety: D’Agen

Sizes: 30/40 to 144.

Types: Tenderized (30-32% moisture), natural condition (20-22% moisture)

Colour: Characteristic of the d’Agen variety.

Package: 10 kg cartons



Max moisture: 7%

Variety: Barcelona,

Sizes: From 16 + to 21+

Colour: Tipical, dark brown.

Package: carton boxes of 10 kg net weight


Max moisture: 6% or less.

Variety: Non Pareil, Carmel, Type Non Pareil

Sizes: 18-20 to 34-40

Colour: light brown, dark brown, brown, honey

Package: Carton boxes of 10 kg net weight


Blueberry (Infused dried blueberry)

Max moisture: 14- 16 %


Sizes: 5mm / 12mm

Types: Non-organic and organic.

Infused with: Sucrose or apple juice infused syrup

Colour: Dark red – blue

Package: Carton boxes of 10 kg net weight

The product is carefully dried to a specific moisture content to preserve color and flavor, and slightly sprayed with oil. No preservatives, flavorings or colorings are added.